This is the boring legal stuff, but working together will be so much more fun if we both know where we stand. 


1.1  These terms and conditions apply to any work done for the Client (you) by the Language Practitioner (Laetitia Sullivan | TranslatorBee). 

1.2  The Client is under no obligation to offer the Language Practitioner work; neither is the Language Practitioner under any obligation to accept work offered by the Client.

1.3  The Language Practitioner will provide services as mutually agreed (quote for services) and confirmed (in writing) by the Client.

1.4  The work will be carried out unsupervised at such times and places as determined by the Language Practitioner, using her own equipment.

1.5  The Language Practitioner confirms that she is self-employed (sole proprietor), is responsible for her own income tax (independent contractor), is not registered for VAT, and will not claim benefits granted to the Client’s employees.


2.1  The scope of work will be based on the material received and described in the quote for services, and confirmed (in writing) by the Client. For sworn translation, the same document as sent by the Client (original/certified copy, not a photocopy/electronic copy) must be presented to the Language Practitioner on/before collection of the work.

2.2  The completed work will be delivered on/before the date agreed, for the agreed fee, which will be based on the project description/brief, both supplied by the Client.

2.3  If, however, the scope of work (deadline or project description/brief) should change in any way, the Client will be advised timeously and the quote for services will be subject to revision (fee/deadline). Any additional work will not be undertaken by the Language Practitioner until confirmed (in writing) by the Client. 


3.1  Unless otherwise agreed, proof of payment (50%) is required before work will commence. 

3.2  Unless otherwise agreed, the Client will receive an invoice from the Language Practitioner immediately upon completion of service, for which payment should be received within the specified time, agreed in advance, or within 30 days. For sworn translation, full payment will be due on collection of the work.

3.3  If the project is lengthy, the Language Practitioner may invoice periodically for completed stages of the work.

3.4  The Client will reimburse the Language Practitioner for agreed reasonable expenses (meetings/travel time/teleconferences) over and above usual expenses incurred in the process of language work.

3.5  Unless otherwise agreed, a quote for sworn translation services will exclude any and all courier/delivery costs.

3.6  The Language Practitioner reserves the right to suspend work or withhold material should the Client be in breach of the payment schedule, until such time as the Client rectifies the situation.


4.1  All work undertaken shall be treated as strictly confidential by the Language Practitioner, until such time as the material becomes available in the public domain.

4.2  The Client gives permission to the Language Practitioner to use their name/work delivered in promotional material subject to 4.1 above.

4.3  The Language Practitioner subscribes to the Code of Ethics of the South African Translators’ Institute and the Code of Conduct of the Professional Editors’ Guild as accredited members of said organisations.


5.1  For sworn translation, the Language Practitioner is authorised by the High Court of South Africa (Case No. 4780/16) to issue a sworn translation based on the documents presented. The Language Practitioner cannot assume liability for authenticating the original documents presented.

5.2  If the Client makes substantial changes to work after delivery without informing the Language Practitioner (in writing), the Language Practitioner cannot be held liable for any consequences as a result of such changes.


6.1  Unless otherwise agreed, all content created by the Language Practitioner as part of the scope of services will become the copyright of the Client once full payment has been received. This excludes proprietary methods, processes and other owned intellectual property.

6.2  If the Language Practitioner has made a substantial contribution to the work, she will be entitled to acknowledgement in the same style as used for others involved with production of the finished material and will receive one free copy of the work.


7.1  If the Client is unable to keep their commitment and the work is cancelled or postponed indefinitely, the Client shall be liable to reimburse the Language Practitioner for any work done up to that point.

7.2  Either the Client or the Language Practitioner has the right to terminate a contract for services should there be a serious breach of its terms.

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