Isn’t editing just checking spelling and grammar?

The short answer is NO! Read on for the long one.


Developmental editing (also known as substantive editing or structural editing) looks at your text from a bird’s-eye view. This type of editing clarifies or reorganises a document for content, structure, style, tone, length, and level to ensure it is appropriate for your audience. It can include some elements of copy-editing but rather focuses on the macro structure of your text.

I specialise in the developmental editing of narrative non-fiction and memoir. My Afrikaans and English developmental editing pen has, for example, graced the pages of:

> a true crime book about a gruesome family murder (now a feature film that bagged a South African Film and Television Award)

> a self-published cookbook that took top honours at the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards

> a self-help guide for parents on raising teenage boys in the 21st century

> the inspiring story of a Google Science Award winner overcoming a debilitating illness to achieve greatness in the process



Style and tone

Repetition and wordiness

Sentence and paragraph length

Jargon and non-inclusive language

Chapter and paragraph organisation


Language usage

Basic fact-checking




Laetitia was a pleasure to work with – very thorough and gave me clear advice and guidance. All on time too! She did the final edit and prepared the manuscript for the publisher.
(Megan de Beyer, Author)


Copy-editing (also known as line editing or language editing) focuses on the seven Cs of editing – text that is clear, correct, coherent, complete, concise, consistent, and credible. This type of editing is not about significant rewriting of a document for your audience but rather focuses on the micro structure of your text.

As an Accredited Text Editor (English), I specialise in the copy-editing of reports, textbooks and non-fiction. My Afrikaans and English copy-editing pen has, for example, graced the pages of:

> Cape Town’s public art catalogue

> government reports on urban sustainability

> textbooks on history, languages, physics, life orientation, tourism, and every school subject in between

> books on gardening, crafting, and cooking (uniting South Africans around the braai fire for Heritage Day)

> books on managing your finances, how to be the best you, and the highs and lows of our sports heroes



Word choice

Sentence structure

Artwork placement



Applying house style

References, tables and figures




Thanks again for the hard work – you were a really great editor. Your fine work in editing made the rest of the production process so much easier.
(Russell Clarke, Editorial Project Manager)

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